1. DagSeoul: Positions, Populations, Punk, Poetics: On Capitalist Logic, Equality, Rights and Privileges →


    I’m reposting this, so folks can reblog without having to attach that ridiculous photo set. By the way, she’s a Ron Paul fan who now claims that she’s in a police state because people are pissed at her. I say fill her ask box with messages, track her down online. Politely haunt her. She needs to…

    Ovation for dagseoul

  2. Remove the Gage Rule on Alaskan Scientists! →

    Two Alaska State biologists were kicked off the Cook Inlet beluga whale recovery team because the rule compromised their scientific integrity. 

    The state gag rule was found to be in direct conflict with federal policy by the top official of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Alaska.

    Politicians are not scientists and shouldn’t be able to dictate their findings. This legislation limits state scientists freedom to pursue truth in their research and the ability of citizens to trust that their findings are not politically motivated.

  3. The Assassination of Dr. Tiller →


    I’ll have to watch this after I get off work.